No penis… dildos only

Desiree’s short term goals clarified to include … no penises. Females being undesirable… to boys not men. Dog collars, bedazzled bracelets and ass-less chaps for Rich. The elusive Princess or Prince Charming is a pipe dream. Why is Rich anti-blonde? People who do not have children “date” … people have children do something much different. Rich is back on the “Prostitution is the way to go” thing again. Three types of sex and the sexual bell curve. One night stands and the AIDS scare. Friends with Benefits are like prostitutes without monetary exchange. It’s not you… it’s Desiree, but guys perpetuate the bullshit. Joy boxes are not what Rich thinks they are. You never stop loving someone because of what they’ve done to you, otherwise you never loved them in the first place.

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  1. Way wasn’t I there???
    Oh damn…I was!!!

    LOL…I remember it all…
    and I was on my ass!

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