Understanding My Journey – Positive vibes

The Beach Boys sang about picking up good vibrations in regard to a surfer girl sending out waves of great feelings. Maybe they were not prophetic but in a sense they were on to something bigger. People do send out “vibrations’ and what other people do with those vibrations are entirely up to them. recently […]

Understanding My Journey – The perfect you

You could spend countless hours at the gym running on a treadmill or climbing a stair master. You could eat nothing but vegetables and other healthy foods. You might even meditate to discover your inner glow and align one of your seven chakras. No matter what you do to become the better you it may […]

Understanding My Journey – Self esteemed

Self-esteem may be the number one character trait of an individual. It leads to good healthy life decisions if self importance is high. If it is low it can lead to overall damaging and poor life choices. Self esteem is generally defined as how you feel about yourself. It is represents how you feel about […]

Understanding My Journey – Forgiveness, it is wind for your sails

These days it seems like everyone has had a traumatic childhood. I meet a lot of people who wander this great big globe with me. Many of them admit to childhood trauma and traumatic experiences, but when asked what the childhood experience was they don’t really want to talk about it. I believe this means […]

Understanding My Journey – Stress, The ultimate anchor

I began understanding my journey through life many years ago. Young friends began to pass away around me and I started to take notice of just how precious life is. I was working very hard to succeed in a career that chose me. I’m an artist not a programmer. A philosopher not an analyst. The […]