No penis… dildos only

Desiree’s short term goals clarified to include … no penises. Females being undesirable… to boys not men. Dog collars, bedazzled bracelets and ass-less chaps for Rich. The elusive Princess or Prince Charming is a pipe dream. Why is Rich anti-blonde? People who do not have children “date” … people have children do something much different. […]

A little hope in this shi**y world

Rich’s heart stops for a second because of email because Blake said peace out. Faking it til you’re making it so don’t roostercock me bro! St. Patrick’s day is the day of Rich’s people along with the Black Irish. Social experiment gone wrong because white guys don’t do the bro nod. Tiny river dancer drinks […]

Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’

Unfettered in the dessert with coyotes in the background. A little slice of Ricky’s heaven gets mocked by Rich. The past either needs to be looked at with a fresh pair of eyes or trashed completely. Kilt vs. Loin cloth at the end of the world? We are Graduates of Google University. Death by cancer […]

It’s the Energy… not PMS

Rich begins preparation to make the walk of his ancestors. Toys For Tots ruins movies. Forgiveness is about making… Rich’s coffee craving subside? Birthday bash turns high school reunion crash. Desiree flips her shit in a closet.

Murderous rage and the SCA

Kate comes in to talk about bad bagel karma and brings her “Rich bullshit detector”. We talk about extreme people watching and about how the truly unfettered don’t give a fcuk what you think about them. This podcast is brought to you by ENERGY… It’s all around you. So are people with lances, maces and […]

Cut the shark lose and close the vent!

Rich offers Desiree one last opportunity to vent about “He who… Voldemort”. Back to business talking about selfishness not being a bad thing. Selfishly Ricky makes Desiree cry. More french fries and less pizza. Rich finds his bag of sunshine. Appropriate swearing. How to communicate better when women want to argue.

Receiver turned Transmitter

Rich’s grumpified state of mind is brought to you by fairy tale magic, promises of the good life, hoarders and panic attacks. We’ve discovered that marriage is NOT a plasma television. Desiree is body checking negative people like Rich, because like a dumb ass he told her she looked like hell last episode.

Pink Fluffy Dragons

Some slackers get a lot of flack for slacking… Yes this one was late. To be fair I blame “Not Me”. There is some religious talk that we just aren’t ready for, on account’a you look like hell. Rich chases something of a meth high. We have a surprise call from Desiree’s number one fan. […]